FSS and COVID-19

What are we doing for you?

The entire FSS staff has worked endlessly to ensure a safe environment until we return to full time base operations. In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, please follow the listed procedures, effective until further notice. The health of our guests and staff remain our top priority. All questions and concerns should be directed to the facility manager.

Outdoor Recreation


The facility is closed for rentals at this time. However, patrons are allowed to access the vehicle storage lot. The owner has the ability to pick-up and drop-off their stored recreational vessel / vehicle from the Storage Lot.  Dependent minors are not allowed to accompany you during pick-up and drop-off. The 482d Security Forces Squadron (482 SFS), which permits entry onto the Installation, will closely monitor the frequency of pick-ups and drop-offs, as they oversee this non-essential personnel process. Detours to other facilities on the Installation, to include the Shoppette or Blazin’ Beanz, is not permitted. Violations of these parameters could see your entry onto the Installation temporarily suspended by the 482 SFS.  Further, if you do choose to take advantage of this opportunity, please note that the wearing of a face cover is mandatory for you to enter both the Installation and the Outdoor Recreation Storage Lot.  Lastly, prior to traveling to Homestead ARB, please call the Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) at (786) 415-7115, to provide your name and to inform them that you will be retrieving or returning your recreational vessel/vehicle.  The BDOC, in turn, will inform the Sentry at the gate of your impending arrival, which will make your entry onto the Installation that much smoother. 

The Falcon's Nest - CAC / Club


Patrons are now allowed in the facility for dining and to place an order. Limit is 24 people. Patrons may call in their order at 786-415-7486 or 7484. Call ahead ordering is highly encouraged. Daily lunch specials are offered, as well as the Regular Lunch Menu. Cash and credit cards are accepted. Additionally, all Club Membership fees have been waived at this time. Join for free, and don't pay any dues until the base health conditions have returned to normal.  

Blazin' Beanz


Patrons are allowed in the facility. Patrons may call in their order at 786-415-6779. The full menu is available. Cash and credit cards are accepted. 

Sam Johnson Fitness Center


For your safety and a healthy fitness environment, please observe and practice these rules, in effect until further notice:


•100% ID Card Check - DoD Card Holders only (Essential Personal Only)


•Hours of Operations:

Mon-Fri  0600 – 2000, closed for Cleaning 0900-1000 and 1400-1500

No 24 Hour Access

•Maintain a minimum distance of six-feet from one another; no handshaking or engaging in any unnecessary physical contact

•Wash hands and use Ecolab hand sanitizer, (stations located at the main entrances to fitness rooms) frequently


•A mask must be worn except when performing cardio exercise

•Showers and Sauna Use: Prohibited

•Cardio Equipment Use: 10 patrons; Weight Room Access: 12 patrons  

•Basketball / Volleyball Court: 10 patrons; Racquetball Court: Closed

•Fitness Center will not issue any PPE. Please bring your own.

•Intramural Sports: Cancelled at this time

•All exercise classes will be held on the basketball court to ensure proper social distancing

If you have any questions or concerns, please see a Fitness Center Staff Member



The Lodging Facility remains closed for Space A reservations at this time.