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The Mailroom, Bldg 343

Open Mon - Fri 0800-1200 & 1300-1600

Closed Mon - Fri 1200-1300


482 Fighter Wing Mail.png

The Mailroom is the on base place for Official Mail, for both in-coming and out-going parcels and letters. The words "OFFICIAL BUSINESS" must be placed below your unit's return address, before the item will be allowed to be processed. If your unit has an account, you can bring your mail to the mailroom and postage will be added for you. If your unit does not have an account, please have the proper postage before you arrive. Please direct all questions regarding the mailroom and its procedures to "Mailman Jeff." He will be happy to assist you. 

 * Please note that personal mail of any kind, for any reason, is not accepted. *

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