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Childcare Services

Childcare Services

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 Family Childcare - FCC



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This program provides quality childcare services for AF Reserve and Guard Members during their primary UTA weekend. Care is provided in a state licensed Family Child Care (FCC) facility for children ages two-weeks to 12-years with limited space for children under the age of two. There is currently no cost to the ANG/AFR parent for childcare provided in this program during UTAs.


  1. Eligibility:

             a.  AF Reserve and Air National Guard single/dual military families

             b.  AF Reserve and Air National Guard military parents with a civilian working spouse


  1. Requirements:

             a.  Must be participating in UTAs during the time child care is being provided

             b.  Must submit HCC Parent Statement to NLT two Fridays prior to UTA

             c.  Must provide name and phone number of an emergency contact

             d.  Must submit AF Form 1181, Air Force Youth Flight Program Patron Registration (1 Per Child)


  1. Enrollment:

              a. Parent(s) are required to make reservations;

                               b. Parent(s) must provide all necessary items such as diapers, wipes, extra clothes, etc.

                               c. Parent(s) should have pre-arranged back-up child care in the event of provider unavailability

                               d. Provider participates in USDA Food Program; will provide breakfast, lunch and snacks

                               e. Low-cost care may be available for two-week annual tours

                               f. Care is available from 0600-1800 hrs; NO overnight care is provided

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